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Suffering is part of our training program for becoming wise.

Ram Dass (via feellng)

Yet at our current historical moment, it is expected that due deference is to be paid to the rulers of the fiefdom. It’s as if the internet, that great revolution in communication whose ‘long tail’ was meant to provide some space for all kinds of outsider communities and alternative expressions, has rendered us speechless with its complexity and so left us without discernment or credulity. Or, given the long history of youth movements and counter-cultures being co-opted and bastardised for a cheap dollar, we’ve been conditioned not to bother and just to plump for the big shiny blockbuster spectacle in the first instance…

And propping this up as the useful idiot’s ideological tool is the ghost of poptimism, no longer a vital and funny reaction to rock pomposity but a symptom of the music industry’s desperate, last days of Rome orgy of wilful stupidity and undisguised contempt for the consumer, every bit as arrogant and loathsome as what it once opposed. It’s become a paper thin, piss weak justification for a musical-industrial complex that has dumbed itself down to unprecendented lows, that shits out narcissistic garbage and wraps it up in a pretty bow. There’s always been naff pop that’s appealed to the middle of the road: that’s not new. That it’s also infiltrated a culture that’s alternative in name only is a new development however, and one that can’t be healthy for anyone who cares about a culture of innovation and expression.

im a dreamerrr

What platitudes then can we fling along with the listless, insufficient wreaths at the stillness that was once so animated and wired, the silence where the laughter was?

Robin Williams making fun of Bush in ‘08